Vote for Bong Go? Yucks… Netizens were disgusted

The Philippine political landscape has always been such a crazy place to run in and in fact even worst when Duterte assumed office. All hell breaks loose and hundreds of greedy, brash and vile politicians showed their true colors for the public’s spectacle. Most of these politicians were all privy of Duterte’s shady opaque loan deals from China and is benefiting a lot from it.

Resulta ng larawan para sa bong go funny

Who is Bong Go?

Resulta ng larawan para sa bong go

Bong Go or Christopher Go is a Filipino politician who was Special Assistant to the President, with the rank of Secretary from 2016 to October 2018. He was Duterte’s aid back in Davao City and has since been very loyal to the President to the point that he does and acts what Duterte wanted.

Since 1998, Go has been an executive assistant and personal aide of then-Mayor of Davao City Rodrigo Duterte. Being in charge of both personal and official matters, he calls himself as an all around ‘utility man’ of Duterte. Even last 2016 election — the media called him the ”Pambansang Photobomber” as he’s always up for a selfie with known local and foreign personalities.

He is Duterte’s right hand man. All who wants to speak with the President goes through to him.

What made Bong Go such a controversial figure?

Being one of the closest person inside the walls of Malacanang and Duterte himself. Bong Go knows everything about the Duterte’s.  And armed with that knowledge. It allowed him to make full use of his influence over Duterte and possibly even benefited from it. Here are some of the controversies which drags Bong Go’s name in the public’s limelight and of course people’s convictions about him.

1) ₱16 billion frigate deal

A document has been discovered by Rappler which puts Bong Go’s direct intervention of DND’s acquisition of Combat Management System for the Philippine Navy frigates. A full-blown Senate hearing insued and several questions has been raised to Bong Go yet despite his constant denials. Many of them still left unanswered. Until October of this year, Duterte announced that he ordered Bong Go to intervene in the frigate deal. Ugh? What? Did Bong Go denied any interference to the frigate deal to begin with? And now Duterte is doxing his name out that he ordered Bong Go to do the same?

Bear in mind that Bong Go is not yet a duly elected public official and here he is dragged himself into a serious graft-laden transaction.

POST-IT NOTE. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana asks former Philippine Navy chief Vice Admiral Ronald Mercado to respond to issues raised by Special Assistant to the President Christopher Go about the P15.7-billion project to acquire Philippine warships. Screenshot of a sourced document

2.) The selfie king and Duterte’s lapdog

Many Filipinos finds him nothing but an exhibitionist politician. Someone who really can’t be trusted on bigger issues concerning the welfare of the Filipino people. As it appears that he seems to be only greatly concerned on defending Duterte and his family as well as his bloody war on drugs. He hasn’t even uttered a single word of protest on many of the corruption scandals that rocked the government since Duterte assumed the Presidency. For example, The Tulfo brothers 60M scandal etc. The selfie king has since been meek and silent as dog. And now he’s running for the Senate?

Resulta ng larawan para sa bong go

3.) Bong Go challenged Trillanes but failed when asked to sign a bank waiver

Bong Go bragged on cam that Trillanes can ask him whatever he wants to challenge him with. He’s up for it. He said. And so when Trillanes heard about it. He gladly responded asking Bong Go to sign a bank-waiver and he would gladly do the same. Something that Bong Go hasn’t even accepted until now.

Resulta ng larawan para sa bong go trillanes

4.) A Chinese agent? says netizens

Many netizens labelled Bong Go as a Chinese agent. Someone who works with the Chinese government to facilitate government contracts and deals in favor of the Chinese Communist Party ruled by Xi Jin Ping. This speculation ran wild when Bong Go accompanied Duterte in his trip to China last 2016 which after the trip. Duterte turned 360 degrees and went full-Pro China thereafter. It is also at this time where Duterte called off Lorenzana’s plan to retake Scarborough amidst the PCA ruling re-affirming PH sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea.

Resulta ng larawan para sa bong go chinese agent

5.) Bong Go running for the Senate. Because Duterte said so? or is it simply his desire to serve the people?

Being a Duterte lapdog for quite sometime raises a serious question about his credibility to run for the Senate. Why would you need a fanatical Executive branch lapdog to serve in the Congress?  You see. The government is divided into three branches. We have the legislative, judiciary and the executive which is where the President is serving his office. So these division is impeccably tuned to ensure that no authoritarian-style powers can usurp and use it all for himself. It’s the balance of state-powers which makes a free and democratic country.

So Bong Go who wants to run for the Senate — who hasn’t even uttered or contradicted some or if not many of Duterte’s questionable policies. Or even Duterte’s tirades against minorities and religious organizations is in that sense unfathomable and seriously unbecoming of a would-be Senatoriable.

So when Duterte announced that he is picking Bong Go for the Senate then many raised eyebrows. As to what would Bong Go do in the Senate? Take selfies?

Resulta ng larawan para sa bong go chinese agent

Filipinos showed their disgust on Bong Go’s “SUPER EPAL” premature campaigning.

Bong Go upon hinting his run for the Senate even before filing an official candidacy papers. Already has his name printed out and put on the public areas most of them government offices showing their support for his run for public office. Many of the pictures always showed him and Duterte doing the infamous fist-bump salute. You could also hear many commentators and radio shows praising his name and pitching him into the public’s mindset.

But there are others who can’t really just keep their disgust intact and had to act on it.

VIOLATION. The Silay City government takes down the tarpaulin of former special assistant to the President Christopher "Bong" Go displayed at the public plaza due to violation of a local ordinance. Photo from Silay City Mayor Mark Golez Facebook page

Here in Negros. Bong Go’s tarpaulins were being taken down.

And then here’s

OFW Rep. Bertiz: Ang hindi nakakakilala kay Bong Go, walang PRC license..

Even government hospitals shows Bong Go tarpaulins on them. Below is taken from the Philippine General Hospital.


And then we also have private companies showing their fanatical support to Bong Go. Below is Anytime Fitness Ortigas.

Even mother-nature seems to be also disgusted on Bong Go’s premature campaign posters too.

Resulta ng larawan para sa bong go epal

And lastly, our latest hero is Maam Seth Trinidad

She narrated how Bong Go umbrellas were being given out in a nearby mall.

“..At around 13:45 today, December 23, while I was prepping up for a rainy ride back home, I saw people running nearby the exit door of Robinson’s Mall. Kala ko may aksidente or something only to find out some guys in Civillian are giving out free umbrellas,”

She did not expect that the umbrellas themselves were actually bearing the name of Bong Go on them. But when she later opened it up. She felt very disgusted and decided to throw it out in a trash-bin.


So to sum it all up. Do you think Bong Go a fanatical Duterte supporter and lapdog be given the chance to run for Congress despite his strong ties with the President and biased conjecture to the Executive branch?

If you vote for this epal politiko. It’s all really up to you.

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