DOJ and Solicitor General very desperate on pinning Senator Trillanes down

Sen. Trillanes press con. September 26, 2018. Photo by Angie de Silva/Rappler

Senator Trillanes has always been a thorn in Duterte’s back. He’s the only one who took on Duterte that hasn’t been imprisoned yet. Since the latter Senator Delima whom was also been very brave enough in exposing the secrets of Davao Death Squad during the time of Duterte’s mayoralty in Davao had been detained out of trumped up charges and testimonies from convicted felons.

Senator Trillanes like Senator De Lima exposed many of Duterte’s scandals and his son Polong’s link to the 6.4B Shabu case. His family hidden wealth. And of course the result of his brutal war against drugs where more than 23,000 people were butchered and executed either by police operations or through masked assassins. Where the police deliberately covered them up adding that in the report as ”under investigation”.

Resulta ng larawan para sa trillanes picture

The defective Proclamation 572

Duterte has so far issued many warnings and death-threats against Senator Trillanes. In fact, he’s army of social-media trolls and fake news propagandists attacked him and created many false stories to undermine his credibility to the public. But that didn’t stopped Trillanes from doing his job a Senator of the Republic.

So just this August. Duterte issued a proclamation 572 which effectively withdraws the amnesty granted upon Senator Trillanes in his involvement with the ”coup de tat’ attempts against former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The proclamation states that Trillanes really didn’t applied for the amnesty in the first place since he’s application forms disappeared from the record section. And also he didn’t really appeared personally before DND officials to fill the application form up.

Resulta ng larawan para sa duterte and calida

However, this has since been debunked when a video documentary showing Trillanes appearing before DND officials and personally signed the amnesty papers and submitted them. So where is the application papers now?

Calida stole Trillanes Amnesty papers?

Few weeks before the release of Proclamation 572. The Solicitor General Calida has since been at odds with Senator Trillanes when he began a senate investigation on Calida’s security agency contracts. As you know that Mr Calida is an appointee of President Duterte and has been an instrumental figure in the trumped up charges against Senator De Lima and the ouster of Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Senator Trillanes revealed that Calida grossly profited in government contracts by using his own security agency on many of the government offices. Since he is a public official then it is a violation to Republic Act No. 6713, or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employee and is clearly a ”conflict of interests”.

Delfin Lorenzana the current Secretary of National Defense revealed that Calida asked for Trillanes papers and took them (which he explicitly denied later)  And then a week or so later. Proclamation 572 was released voiding Trillanes amnesty simply because his application papers were missing. Duterte poured in all his efforts in finally getting his number one critic arrested just like De Lima.  He had the soldiers on full battle gear waiting outside the Senate. But all of this failed when the courts did not issue an arrest order against Senator Trillanes.

Judge Soriano of Makati RTC Branch 148 has since turned down ”two” urgent requests from the Department of Justice to issue an instant arrest warrant against Senator Trillanes. According to him, the courts must respect the long-established jurisprudence that cases dismissed with finality should no longer be reopened.

Guevarra and Calida bringing the case to the Court of Appeals

Due to their failures in finally having their President’s number one critic arrested and jailed. I’m pretty sure they’re into a lot of pressure now. In such desperation. The duo went on and told reporters last Monday that they will be filing a an appeal in the Court of Appeals to overturn the Branch RTC decision on not issuing an arrest warrant against Senator Trillanes.

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