Mayor Gungun Gica of Dumanjug seeks to educate, train and help find jobs for ex-convicts in order to better their lives and contribute to the community

For several years. We have lived with this flawed thinking that ex-convicts were all but useless to the community and they are meant to be eradicated rather than be given free stuff or use public funds to aid them. Just as seems they were flies or insects. This level of thinking permeates to the societal norms of every Filipino all throughout the country. Which eventually eroded our values in the belief of freedom, due-process and human rights.

However, this should not have been the case. Whenever we continue to disregard the plight of these ex-convicts. We’re actually pushing them back to the point that they may resort into engaging criminal activities out of desperation.

We could have helped them and gave them another chance. Trained them to better citizens. Offer them jobs that would not only benefit themselves but their families and the community in general. As the saying goes. You can judge the country not by how much its rich citizens spends its money but on how its government treats its poor and its prisoners.

We need to reform not discriminate

Government’s role in reforming ex-convicts who served time in the penitentiary should be given priority. Simply because leaving jail life and re-integrating back into the society can be an arduous task. And sometimes may resort to complications.

We ought to accept this personal responsibility. At the point when the following ex-convicts sneaks past a window, when the following mugger pushes an injured individual against the wall and rifles through his pockets, and when the following outfitted burglar breaks into a bank, we have to take a gander at the dull heart at the focal point of our treatment of ex-cons and make the inquiry: on the off chance that we had treated that man in an unexpected way, in the event that we had turned out backs on him, might we be able to have had any kind of effect?

Mayor Gungun Gica of Dumanjug shares the same concern for ex-convicts. In the video posted in its Facebook page. Mayor Gungun Gica aims to provide the necessary training and oversight over ex-convicts in his town of Dumajug south of Cebu.


These training’s will equip these ex-convicts with the necessary skills to find better jobs that would not only benefit themselves but also their family as well as it allows them to re-integrate themselves as a responsible member of the society. So if you give these people jobs means lesser likelihood of more trouble-makers in the community. In fact, they may be able to help out in protecting the neighborhoods they live in and participate in many activities that would help improve their communities.

As a Human Rights activist and a responsible citizen of this republic. I find this move very timely in today’s worsening human-rights conditions in the country. Especially now, many of our jails are heavily congested which so far has exceeded its capacity. Our efforts to exacerbate and minimize the number of legal offenders were all but fruitless simply because many of our Kababayans continues to discriminate our ex-convicts and on top of that there’s lack of support from local government units to lift them up and care for them. Which in turn forced them back into their old wicked ways.

Do you think Mayor Gungun Gica was right in properly reforming ex-convicts so they can get better jobs to help their families and contribute to their communities? Comment now and let me know what you think.

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