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Filipino in Singapore felt ashamed when a Singaporean Enforcer called Duterte a Bad President!

According a a netizen ‘Patrick Peralta’who posted in Facebook his grave dismay when a Singaporean traffic enforcer shared his opinions on the Philppine President who he described to as a ‘Bad President’.

Read his post below:

I was in Singapore last night and I decided to go on shore leave to buy some stuff. I approached someone to ask for help in booking my Grab ride.
While waiting for the car, I had a fun and fruitful (but altogether kind of humiliating) conversation with a kind Singaporean traffic enforcer.

T: So you are Filipino yeah? I’m sorry but I really think you have a bad president.

Me: Don’t worry I feel the same way but may I ask why?

T: I was assigned as one of the duty security during the ASEAN last November and he did not attend because he overslept and he is even proud of it. We worked hard for the event’s success and it just didn’t feel right for a leader to act that way.

Me: *listens intently kinda ashamed and speechless at the same time*

T: Since he started to be your president. So much killings of ordinary people but his friend (Probably talking about Peter Lim) is free. I really hope for the sake of your country he doesn’t stay long or else everything will be bad.

Me: On behalf of the Philippines, I apologize for our leader’s behavior. I sure hope things will get better for the Philippines.

We further discussed about EJKs, Corruption, and a lot of pressing issues. The highlight of this conversation is yes, a foreigner is more aware and concerned of our country’s state than most of its citizens (CC: DDS).

That’s it Ladies and Gents. We made International news. I hope you DDS are proud of the type of representative we have because I sure as hell ain’t.

Note: I blurred out his face because I do not want him to be identified by DDS and be bombarded. Masyado na pinahiya ng Poon nyo ang Pinas kaya wag na kayo dumagdag.


You can read more about his post here.

The traffic enforcer was right to call the President bad. As he has always been very bad and worst. His policies has so far negatively affected so many people. The economic issues continues to burden every ordinary citizen. The rampant corruption that is left unchecked by the present administration. The fast deteriorating religious conservative culture of the Filpinos slowly eroded by mass propaganda and misinformation.

How long we make headlines as the most stupid country in the world? How long do we swallow the pill of #ChangeScamming until our children starve due to massive prices of goods?

We fought for our freedom many years ago. Many died and gave their lives so we can all lived happily today.

We must be ready to feel the fatigues of supporting freedom. If we wished to continue enjoying it.

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