Duterte’s Federalism Roadshow nilangaw!

During the 2nd Federalism Roadshow in Camarines Sur, Albay.  Many mayors and LGU’s expressed their grave dismay and disappointment since it appears that the speakers of the roadshow did not explain and clarify the benefits of Federalism and its impact on LGU’s.

Federalism speech turned Propaganda speech

According to the attendees. Michael Dino a Presidential Assistant harps the same tune saying that Duterte is a super strong man and he cares for them.

“He (Duterte) is a rare species. He doesn’t care if his soul will go to hell as long as he serves the country fully, specifically for the Bicolanos,”

No proper explanation has been offered to support Federalism and instead the speakers talked about Duterte’s achievements and his good plans for the country. It would be extremely difficult for the LGU’s to explain the measure to change the Constitution when the supposed speakers did not explain it to them clearly.

During the event. More and more people including mayors and Brgy captains went off and left simply because the speech is becoming irrelevant.

You can read the story here in Rappler.

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