German Deutsche Welle featured Jover Laurio in its #Article19ForAll project

The German media company Deutsche Welle posted a video in Facebook and in Twitter with a recording from Jover Laurio herself. In the video she talks about her story – fraught with pain as she struggled to peacefully express her dissent and exposed the Duterte regime’s lies and misinformation campaigns.

For years. She resisted the constant bashing of weaponized state-backed trolls and propagandists sympathetic to the Duterte regime. They call her different names and made fun of her appearance.

A known Duterte supporter and influencer Franco Mabanta posted this message publicly on his wall.

Kaugnay na larawan


Hundreds of Pro Duterte influencers and bloggers joined in with the fray and attacked Jover Laurio with mostly ”ad-hominem” attacks focusing mainly on her appearance. They called him hideously ugly and that she doesn’t deserve the right to express her opinions because of her appearance.

Even known Duterte pages with high number of following created fake-news articles linking her with some opposition politicians.

Resulta ng larawan para sa jover laurio comments

Even government employees including the Assistant Secretary DSWD Lorraine Badoy publicly made vile statements against her appearance.

Resulta ng larawan para sa jover laurio ugly


Resulta ng larawan para sa jover laurio fiona

Princess”Fiona” they called her because of her appearance.

Pro Duterte trolls called her the ogre wife of Shrek (the popular 3d animated film) because of how she looks like. They even edited many of her photos so its perfectly easy for people to see the difference. Many people jived in and sent her private messages calling her a ”whore”, ”slut” , ”bobo”, stupid etc etc.



The barrage of ‘dick’ pics on her inbox.

I joined in one of the Fact Checking seminars in Cebu. Jover Laurio narrated how she’s been receiving countless numbers of dick pics on her private Facebook account. These started coming in when known Duterte influencers and government officials made fun of her in social-media. I couldn’t help but wonder how is she able to maintain her composure after all of these attacks thrown at her should be enough to make your brain quit or pull you down in a depressive state.

Stalked by a mysterious telco man.

As Pro Duterte influencers continues to encourage their patrons and hardcore followers to inflict harm against her as evident in the relentless numbers of private messages detailing how exactly they’re going to kill her. All of this dawned on  her when a mysterious telco man arrived in their doorstep asking specific questions about her. The man reported took pictures of the place saying that he needs to investigate the strength of the signal in their area.

According to her mother. She didn’t have the identity of the mysterious telco man but she’s sure that the man took pictures of their apartment building before he left. Also, her suspicions compounded when the telco company called explaining that no technician has dispatched to check the signal in their area.

Jover Laurio has since been moved to a safer location as the threats against her life escalates.

The price of fighting in defense of truth.

Jover Laurio has an expensive price to pay in her fight against fake news and indecency online. No matter how much she’s been bashed and attacked but she continued writing to educate the Filipinos and exposed the lies peddled by known Pro Duterte influencers.

She has sacrificed her peace and energy in the ultimate pursuit of truth and accountability. Her fight isn’t only hers but also ours. We can’t let weaponized trolling drown out our voices and allows ourselves to be deliberately harassed to submission. Like you and me. Jover Laurio deserves her right to be heard and the right to express her opinions. She did not deserve all this bashing.

Jover Laurio – #Article19Forall

German Deutsche Welle Champion of Free Speech


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