PNP desperate attempts to expedite Trillanes arrest failed. Trillanes has immunity.

A day ago. The Davao City Regional Trial Court Branch 54 under Judge Melinda Alconcel- Dayanghirang released several warrants of arrest to immediately try and arrest Senator Trillanes in connection to libel cases filed by former Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte. Within hours after the announcement. The PNP Chief himself immediately requested from the Davao City police office to expedite the shipment of the arrest documents so they can instantly act on it and arrest Trillanes right away.

WARRANTING A DELIVERY. Metro Manila police chief Guillermo Eleazar is asking for the warrant to arrest Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to be delivered from Davao through a courier. File photo of Eleazar from Darren Langit/Rappler

Manila top cop Director Guillermo Eleazar even revealed that he already sent many of his officers to come and monitor Senator Trillanes movements. Even before the actual arrest order arrived in his possession.

PNP Metro Manila police chief so excited to arrest Trillanes.

But it turns out, Trillanes still has congressional immunity.

Resulta ng larawan para sa trillanes smile

The PNP Legal office advised the Metro Manila police office chief that it is not proper to arrest Senator Trillanes when the Congress is in session due to Constitutional provisions of ”immunity” for elected congress officials. According to the Article VI Section 11 of the Constitution which states: “ A senator or a member of the House of Representatives shall in all offenses punishable by not more than six years imprisonment be privileged from arrest while Congress is in session.”

But not the same haste to arrest Marcos? Why?!

PNP’s double standard biased work seems to unravel. As it appears that our reputable police agency is now being used as Duterte’s private attack dog to attack and harass anyone who displeases him. While delaying or in fact giving out humanitarian considerations to convicted plunderer for as long as he or she is a known Duterte’s ally.

Resulta ng larawan para sa marcos guilty

Last month, after an arrest order has been released from the Sandiganbayan. The PNP Chief Albayalde cites reasons why they can’t afford arresting Imelda Marcos yet because the arrest order hasn’t arrived in their office.

Why can’t then the police chief expedite the document’s arrival in his office the same way he asked for Trillanes arrest orders?

Imelda Marcos has been ”convicted” of graft in connection to funneling state funds to shady NGO’s connected to the Marcoses family. The amount taken is conservatively estimated to be around 500 Billion pesos (not adjusted by inflation).

Is the PNP turning into Duterte’s Private Army? When in fact – it is the people who funds and pay for their salaries and equipment? Why is Duterte using the police force to harass and attack his critics while exempting his allies? Is this the kind of justice we have in our country?

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