The more Duterte attacks Trillanes. The more people love him.

Senator Trillanes has always been a thorn in the back for President Duterte. Simply because he openly questions many of Duterte’s questionable policies and stupid decisions. Which Senator Trillanes finds to be very acrimonious in the interest of the Filipino people.

We know that Senator Trillanes has since been very vocal against Duterte’s War on Drugs and exposing his dirty secrets during his stint in Davao City. He is also been an instrumental figure in filing the complaint in the International Criminal Court for Duterte’s crimes against humanity brought about by his speeches encouraging the police to slaughter innocent people and plant weapons/drugs over them. Which all came into fruition and as many as 23,000 people butchered in by police or masked assassins.

Resulta ng larawan para sa trillanes

Despite many threats against his life.
Trillanes pursued Duterte’s hidden wealth and EJK’s.

Resulta ng larawan para sa trillanes mother

I once thought Trillanes was a nobody. A troublemaker whom you could never really trust. A rebel who took arms against the authorities and threatens our democratic way of life. At least, for what I have been told decades ago as far back as 2001.

Until then I realized the story behind the Oakwood Mutiny where he was just fed up on the corruption which crippled the military under the administration of former President Gloria Arroyo. He was smart and promising officer with a brilliant record of academic excellence. His lase-focused eyes has always been very interested in the subjects of corruption in the acquisition of navy assets.

A brave, selfless, hardworking and intelligent Senator of the people.

Many has been throughly suprised when Trillanes won a Senate seat despite not having been able to campaign outside in his detention cell. His determination and focus to wipe out corruption in the militay and the halls of our government won him the hearts of the weary and tired Filipino people.

True enough. During his term as Senator. He pursued many corrupt officials including Jejomar Binay and his gleaming haciendas and properties. He chased many.

Back in 2014. He even dared his colleagues who was arrested and jailed for plunder charges to man-up and face prison time without the need of any comforts.


He was not only a man of courage and action. But he is also a hardworking and very productive Senator. Since in the 14th – 15th Congress,  as well as he was instrumental in the passing 17 national bills; while in the 16th Congress.


In his clean record of transparent and selfless service to his people. This gave him the will to chase up corrupt officials and many of Duterte’s cabinet given that they can’t retaliate in the same manner against him. But of course, Duterte keeps on looking for ways to get him.

  1. Duterte planned to kill Trillanes

  2. Duterte invented fake bank accounts to defame Trillanes

  3.  Duterte released Proclamation 572 voiding Senator Trillanes previously granted amnesty.

The more Trillanes is being harassed and attacked. The more people realizes the true scale of Duterte’s scandals. As evident in his extreme defiance and retaliation on Trillanes allegations.

  1. If Trillanes was just making false stories about his wealth then he should have just signed the bank-waiver.
  2. If Trillanes wrong about Paolo Duterte’s tattoo then he should have just showed them and let DEA decode them
  3. If Trillanes was just wrong about his admissions of using marijuana then he should have just done a drug-test
  4. If Trillanes was not telling the truth about his EJK’s then he should have allowed impartial probe on his EJK’s as well as release drug-war records to SC.

These questions floats around everyone’s head. Why is Duterte is so mad about Senator Trillanes?

During Trillanes embattled stay in the Senate many people flocked to support him. As if its a scene of the starting hours of the EDSA Revolution. Many came with food and water and shared it to everyone else. Also there are others camped outside — stood vigil and ceaselessly praying from sunrise to sunset.


The massive numbers of supporters who flocked their way to the Senate to show their support for him is an indication that he may be the future leader who will unite many different political colors into one. Because it seems that the more Duterte pushes Trillanes to the edge. The more people becomes sympathetic of him.

I knew different people who hails from different side of the political spectrum coming over to defend the Senate a few months ago at height of the Proclamation 572 conflict. They may have different political backgrounds but it seems to have given many of them a sense of unity behind Senator Trillanes.

Do you think history may repeat itself yet over again? Will Trillanes be the Ramos and Enrile during EDSA 1? Who knows.

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