Double Jeopardy applicable for Duterte’s ally Revilla except for his critic Trillanes?

Duterte’s newly appointed Ombudsman Chief said it is no longer possible to make an appeal on Bong Revilla’s acquittal as based on the elementray doctrine. Martires said that it’s impossible to  appeal a judgment of acquittal. His statement came shortly after the Sandiganbayan anti-graft court voted 3-2 cleared the action star-turned-lawmaker Bong Revilla from the accusations of 224.5 million pesos embezzlement.

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According to Duterte’s appointee Martires. This doctrine has its roots in Roman law that an ‘issue once decided cannot be tried again. Also, this is consistent with the Article III Section 21 of the 1987 Constitution stating that “no person shall be twice put in jeopardy of punishment for the same offense.”

Ombudsman insist. Revilla’s acquittal could no longer be appealed. Citing ”double jeopardy’.

Funny how Duterte’s appointees brings up the power of Constitutionality when tackling issues detrimental to their salvation from offenses or simply to justify their stupid decisions. Yet, when it comes to other people more specifically critics or especially those belonging in the opposition are deprived of due-process if not pressured out in an endless legal debacle as their own way of lynching these people into submission.

When it comes to Duterte’s allies. There are always going to be certain considerations and justifications to keep them from being arrested or allowed to go scot-free.

Such as in the case of the Tulfo siblings where they have been accused of funneling more than 60 million pesos through their show yet failed to provide necessary documents pertaining to the ad displayed by DoT. When the Duterte administration gets stuck in the mud. They will just simply say ”..return the money” yet they never will.

Trillanes amnesty revoked. Duterte disregards rule of double-jeopardy.

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At the height of Duterte’s Proclamation 572. It was largely criticized by the legal community simply because it appears to be flawed in many ways. Since the crime of sedition/rebellion has long been permanently dismissed by the court after which amnesty has been granted to Trillanes.  Yet, still most of Duterte’s apologists insist that amnesties can be revoked by the sole whims of the currently sitting President.

According to Atty Florin Hilbay. One of Trillanes legal counsels. The revival of the case would violate Trillanes’ right to equal protection of the law because he was being singled out even if 38 other officers had applied for amnesty on the same day Trillanes did on January 5, 2011.

Hilbay was right. Why would Trillanes application be deemed void when there’s been 38 officiers similarly been given the same amnesty he applied for last 2011. And why should it only be for Trillanes?

Duterte’s brand of justice. Protect corrupt friends. Attack his critics and the opposition.

As it has always been clear to us since 2017. That Duterte is just completely powerless in stopping corruption compared to his predecessor President Aquino who jailed many corrupt senators, officials and even the powerful Chief justice himself. Despite the fact that those people were Aquino’s allies but he opted to have them jailed anyways. No special protection.

Resulta ng larawan para sa hugpong pictureAs a result. Many corrupt politicians flocked under Duterte’s banner in the hopes of being given the same protection and slice of the pie (budget). Some which even came from the same political party as President Aquino. Of course, these people would praise Duterte’s style of governance as it benefits them and not the Filipino people at large.

While most of us remain meek and helpless about the actions of our leaders. Shouldn’t we be more vocal now? Or are we simply getting used to this? One thing is true. Duterte appears to have no interest in fulfilling his promises as an anti-corruption crusader just like his predecessor.

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