Will Duterte’s son succeed in finally arresting Trillanes? Or will it be Trillanes last HaHa

Just today. The Regional Trial Court issued a warrant of arrest against Senator Trillanes for a case of libel committed against Duterte’s son Paolo Duterte.  This stemmed upon Senator Trillanes accusations that the Davao City mayor involvement in the 6.4 B Shabu shipment passing through the Bureau of Customs last year.

Resulta ng larawan para sa paolo duterte angry

During the Senate hearing last year. Mark Taguba name-dropped Paolo Duterte as one of the alleged smugglers who bribed Bureau of Customs officials to smuggle drugs from China passing through the Bureau of Customs.

The case went fray when the witness Mark Taguba changed tune and cleared Paolo Duterte of Trillanes accusations. Which came to much as a surprise. Many speculate that he has received threats in his life which is the reason why he switched sides.

Trillanes unfazed by this drawback. He then dared Duterte’s son Paolo Duterte to show his dragon tattoo allegedly linked to a known Chinese drug-triad. And that it can be confirmed by letting US Drug Enforcement Agency decode it from their database.

Duterte using all his powers to attack his No.1 critic.

Just February of this year. Trillanes has since been declared persona-non-grata  by Davao City council due to his statements that Davao City has been one of the most dangerous places in the country under Duterte.  But the facts did really support Trillanes claims. Davao City is one of the highest rape-cases and crime rate for the past few years under Duterte. Davao City posted the highest murder rate from 2010 to 2015, data from the Philippine National Police (PNP) database. The PNP recorded 1,032 murder cases in Davao City, 961 in Quezon City and 806 in Cebu City.

Why is it Senator Trillanes fault now for merely basing his statements from irrefutable fact? The numbers doesn’t lie.

I don’t know how does this all played out but we were just obviously being played around. There are more problems in the country that requires the attention of our government. We ought set our focus in fixing these problems rather than using the machinery of injustice to Duterte’s enemies.

And by the way. Many of the our great great great plunderers are now free — along with them are millions of taxpayer money. The Duterte horde doesn’t even bat an eye. Trillanes has done nothing to inconvenience the Filipino people. In fact, he was our fiercest warrior in the search for truth and accountability.

Duterte’s move to dismiss Trillanes amnesty failed miserably.

Just this year too. Duterte issued a flawed Proclamation 572 dismissing the amnesty granted to Senator Trillanes in the grounds that he did not filed the application since his records disappeared in the record section under the custody of the AFP. Although, Defense Chief Lorenzana hinted that Solictor General asked for Trillanes papers and that he presumably took the copies himself. Thus, debunking Duterte’s claim that Trillanes didn’t pass the amnesty papers.

The Makati Regional Trial court junked the Department of Justice appeal in dismissing Trillanes amnesty and it prays for an instant issuance of a warrant of arrest. However, Branch 148 under Judge Soriano held their ground and junked the DOJ’s request.

Since now that the Davao Court issued an arrest warrant to Senator Trillanes. Will he now finally be arrested and jailed for libel? Who knows? The man faced 7 years in prison for standing up against Gloria Arroyo’s corruption. I don’t even think he’ll give in for this.

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