Duterte’s ChaCha for Extended Term Limits and Unlimited Martial Law!

The crocodiles in the House of Representatives must already be celebrating now! Hoooraah!

Of course. Who wouldn’t? You will notice that under Duterte almost every politician is very eager to support and align with him despite his gross incompetence, economic mismanagement, weak stance against rampant corruption and his brutal war of drugs which butchered more than 20,000 people and left as many 22,000 orphans to fend for themselves.

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Here they are! All assortments of insects unimaginable. We have flies, maggots, snails etc. Look at those fist! A whole gang of Duterte apologists and enablers. These are the same people who pitched for the TRAIN Law last year? Many experts warned that this will result to a catasthropic increase in prices due to the impose excise taxes in petroleum products. And when all hell breaks loose – inflation surges up and many people were affected. So feeling the brunt of the people’s brewing anger and dissatisfaction. The Duterte administration then started suspending a portion of the excise taxes to ease up the inflation. Ftw?

Alright, so now this is the same people who pitched for the terribly slashing the budget for the Commission on Human Rights to mere 500 peso. Which unfortunately got blocked in the Senate after there was huge uproar in social-media about this issue.  Luckily, we still have equal numbers in the Senate who blocked this attempt.

Now here’s the biggest and the biggest treachery these nasty gremlins has on their sleeves for Christmas.

CHA-CHA bill has been passed and approved via ”viva voce vote” meaning a vote by majority to shift our form of government to a federal form of government. But here’s the catch.

1, These maggots will now have their term limits ”removed”.

2. These maggots will now have ‘unlimited’ Martial Law declarations.

3. These maggots will now allow Chinese nationals to purchase and own properties in the Philippines. (foreign exploitation and control).

What does this mean now? This means that they can now stay in power much much longer. Steal much much more. And of course — impose impromptu Martial Law declarations to quell dissent and or hunt down opposing voices especially human-rights groups, minorities or religious organizations. More and more people will be killed and murdered. Economic collapse and ultimately the destruction of our free-democratic society.

This isn’t what we asked for? We want a government who will uphold our rights and protect our best interest as a nation. Our politicians has become a gang of Duterte’s fans club protecting and condoning his repressive acts.

The ploy to change the form of government from Unitary Republic to Federalism will require huge amount of budget that will siphon our already dwindling economic surplus which could have been instead used to build hospitals, schools and or increase the pay for teachers. etc.

Why does it need more budget? Simply because we will be electing more public officials and hiring more government employees. This will make our bureaucratic processes more complicated and allows ruling families to exert their influence and have all their relatives rule important government positions in the Federal state.

So let me get this straight. We are spending more to pay for more politikos? How on earth are we supposed to justify this move? The ultimate motive on switching the form of government to a Federal state was because of budget concerns between regions can easily be fixed by amending the DILG Local Government code and give more budget cut for the local governments.

We don’t need Federalism to increase budget for local regions. We don’t need to spend billions for Federalism. This is counter-productive. Useless. Total hogwash!

To be fair. the whole motive of switching to a Federalism form of govt was just an excuse to change the current Anti-Dictatorial Constitution drafted around the time of President Cory Aquino. To these shameless politikos. They find this very prohibitive and they couldn’t do just as much. They want more money. They want more power. And the only way to do that is to change the Constitution and remove term-limits.

What does this mean? This will mean a lot. Because the future of our country is at stake. We need to more vigilant in any move to skirt around our existing laws and tailor this in their favor. Our 1987 Constitution is beautifully crafted with the intent to empower every Filipino to have a say against its government and compel our leaders to improve our way of life.

Setting up useless justifications simply to go around and impose political interest.

ChaCha will affect you and your children future. This 2019 is our only chance. Make sure to vote only for the right candidate not part of the Duterte’s maggot fans-club.

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