Netizens pokes fun of Duterte’s Marijuana joke using Afroman’s song.

As you know – a few days back. The Internet exploded with memes, posts and funny quotes about Duterte’s speech admitting the use of illegal drug called ‘Marijuana’. Though he downplayed this as sort of a joke but he didn’t expect the that many Filipinos would be making fun out of this.

Duterte has been heavily criticized by many human-rights organizations and militant groups for his brutal stance in his fight against illegal drugs. According to reports from the PNP there are more than 20,000+ deaths attributed to Duterte’s drug-war. Many have been killed simply for being accused as a drug-addict.

So you wouldn’t be surprised if the netizens pokes fun of Duterte when he made this joke. Such a simple joke wouldn’t hurt right? Unfortunately, it does. It caught the ire of many netizens due from the fact that many people were brutally murdered and executed in his drug-war yet here he is joking about using drugs.

Duterte’s failures and incompentence sounds perfect fit in the song ”When I got High” by Afroman.

A netizen in the popular community website Reddit. Commented on a thread as rebut on Duterte’s admission of using marijuana. He puts in a way that it fits in with the lyrics of the song.


The account username ”gradenko_2000″ posted the following lyrics :

“..I was gonna end crime in 6 months, but then I got high..”
“..I was gonna end contractualization. but then I got high..”
“..Now I’m China’s lapdog and I know why..”
“..(why man..?)..”
Yeeeeah because I got high, because I got high, because I got high..”

Just in case you haven’t heard of the original song. You can listen it through here.


Duterte has been criticized in his abysmal performance in keeping the economy forward and controlling the prices of goods in the market. He’s also been accused of selling out the West Philippine Sea through yet another anomalous Joint Oil Exploration agreement with China which was exactly what Gloria did in 2004  which led to graft laden ZTE-Broadband deal and other anomalous transactions from China.

Many netizens tagged their friends on the posts creating a fiery exchange of ‘Haha’s and many came up with different versions of the lyrics on their respective social-media accounts.

Here’s a screenshot from a netizen Chinry Nino Gonzaga Ginlo which seems to be taken from Twitter.

And the strong bass drops makes you really wanna jive in and sing the lyrics! Lol

Of course, Lenoff Cornelius Arce pointed out that ”Why Man!” an English rap slang was also sounded similar to ‘Way Man?” in Cebuano — which means ”why?”.

Of course who would’ve not thought bout that right? When a viral photo of Baste Duterte circulated online which shows him and his girlfriend Ellen Adarna smoking something which most netizens presumes as ”weed”.

Do you want to want to write the lyrics much more differently? Share YOUR thoughts to your FRIENDS.

(Mind tagging your friends who likes this song.. They might be able to pitch some ideas..)

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