It is illegal to consume Marijuana in Singapore! Must be why he felt sleepy there?

Duterte is the foul-mouthed arrogant wimp who was voted into power due to his promises for tough and hardline policies in tackling eradicating the mass proliferation of drugs in the community.  Everyone cheered when the man stepped up and started a legacy of mass butchery of his own citizens.

Resulta ng larawan para sa duterte gifSomeone once told me. Don’t even try to talk to drugs much less joke about it or else someone else with report you to the Brgy Captain and then you will be listed in the national drug-addict database — which ironically more and more people are being killed from. Great! Don’t even try make such silly jokes.

So last 2017. We didn’t talk about drugs nor even mention it in typical social gatherings. If you must then you should always say it in a way by that it describes it’s extreme and horrible toxicity that talking about it may pose unnecessary suspicions which could lead to your execution.


People in the Philippines during the first two-years of the Duterte administration. Until now, most people don’t want to talk about drugs or simply joke about it. Because you it can be risky. Duterte on the otherhand has always always emphasized his tough stance against drugs by directly associating many criminal acts to be influenced by drug use.

Though that’t doesn’t really explain why Davao City — Duterte’s beloved model city. Is plagued with so many rape cases despite being ruled by a strict and iron-willed Duterte family.  Well  let’s say we’d go along Duterte’s reasoning that all criminal offenses are most likely influenced by drug use. Then, perhaps we can assume that Davao City has so many drug-addicts roaming around? Is not Duterte himself who once bragged that Davao City will be an example of paradise which he wants to emulate and implement throughout the entire Philippines?

Duterte joked about taking Marijuana to keep himself awake.

Just this December, Duterte yet again made another scathing statements by saying that he himself was taking ”Marijuana” a psycho stimulant which gives a significant high to all who consumes it. Though, scientific studies does not show that marijuana actually makes you stay up — perhaps it may even make you want to relax and numbing your senses. However, this drug is illegal in the Philippines since 1972 by virtue of Republic Act No. 6425, or the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1972.  RA6425 classified marijuana as a prohibited drug, and detailed out punishments for the importation, sale, manufacture, cultivation, possession, and use of the drug.

Though this was just joke. As what most of his apologists claim. And also many Pro Duterte supporters now showing banners supporting the legalization of weed in a way augment the present controversy and forces Duterte to consider his stand on legalizing weed in the Philippines.

What was really Duterte’s stance on the use and possession of Marijuana then?

Well we know that Duterte was really against all forms of drugs and psycho-stimulants since that for him was the main reason why grizzly crimes happened. To make it all sounds simple to you. The lesser drug-addicts the lesser number of criminals. That is exactly what Duterte believed in and this is the main reason he promises to butchers drug lords and drug-addicts in his merciless mass-extermination of drug-offenders in his Anti Drug War.

Worth noting though is an incident where a group of teenagers recorded a video mocking President Duterte whilst smoking weed and uploaded this on Facebook. This caught the attention of the police and the next they know is they all have been hunted down. Many commenters there were Pro Duterte supporters asking Duterte to execute them or butcher them for their inexplicable behaviour and the guile to record the use of illegal drugs then made it available online is to them very insulting to President Duterte. The Punisher. The Anti Drug hero of the Philippines.

Report from GMA News 


Kaugnay na larawan

According to Bong Go (Duterte’s Presidential Assistant) “Yung mga bata jan, minura nyo pa ang ating Pangulo. Huwag kayong mag-alala, ipaparating ko sa ating Pangulo at irerekomenda sa kanya (These kids, you even cursed the president. Do not worry, I will inform the president of this and will recommended it to him ),” Go said in a statement.

“Ngunit, sigurado ako ipapakain sa inyo yung marijuana. Hindi nyo pwedeng hithitan yan, kainin nyo yan. Kung gusto nyo hithitin, dun nyo hithitin sa impyerno (But I am sure that he will ask you to eat the marijuana. You can’t smoke them, eat them. If you want to smoke, smoke them in hell,)”

Source :https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2018/08/28/1846621/watch-palace-reacts-video-men-taunting-duterte-while-smoking-weed#z9CJszKeuJfDxGlF.99


And then Duterte’s marijuana joke really leaves bad taste on many of the Filipinos creating an uproar of memes and images depicting Duterte smoking weed. (Don’t underestimate the netizens). Of course who would be so happy to accept that a man they know and supported to them has always been the knight of shining armor — slaying drug-lords and drug-addicts for a better Philippines? Now casually joking about ”using” marijuana to keep himself awake. Would you find that funny?

But then again. I just find this statement seems to be linked to his dismal performance in the ASEAN meeting in Singapore.

Haven’t you heard?

Duterte missed the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summits with Australia and South Korea, a working lunch with ASEAN host and Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Summit. He also opted to skip the gala dinner hosted by Singapore, this year’s ASEAN chairman.

Resulta ng larawan para sa duterte sleep

Which leads us to the ultimate million-dollar question.

Why was Duterte suddenly felt so sleepy in Singapore all of sudden? He skipped off important working lunch with other ASEAN diplomats and the gala dinner hosted by the chairman of ASEAN himself? These are long intervals and Duterte’s napping isn’t just ”power-naps” as he claimed they are.

We all know that Singapore has also been very strict in drug-enforcement laws and does not allow any of its citizens to use and consume ”marijuana”. The consumption itself is already a criminal act in Singapore.

Drug Laws in Singapore is the strictest on the entire planet
— Michael Aquino.

Now which brings us to presume that Duterte’s joke of using ”Marijuana” to keep himself awake wasn’t really so false after all. Most of his clown apologists downplayed rumors that Duterte is sick or simply evading questions about his stance in the South China Sea dispute with China.

So this leads us to presume that he missed a working lunch and a gala dinner for his power-naps is actually a implying that he may not have been able to smoke weed before the meeting to keep himself awake!

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