Extrajudicial Killings

Not too innocent? Kian was defenseless and butchered by cops. Enough said.

After almost a year – justice prevailed in the killing of Kian De Los Santos. A 17 year old teenager who lives in Caloocan City. He spends most of his time outside as he was tending his fathers sari-sari store. A young and promising student aiming to become a policeman one day. But all of his dreams shattered in that one fateful night of August 16, 2017.

Resulta ng larawan para sa kian de los santos bodyThe unimaginable sight. A bullet passing through Kian’s flesh straight to his vital organs. The shell exploded and ruptured his organs. The blood which once circulated on the body of a 17 year old teenager abruptly gushed freely — pints by points sucking the life away from him. What could have Kian felt during that time? The excruciating pain and struggle must have been unbearable.

As months of court drama unfolds in the Caloocan Regional Trial Court. Different witnesses took the stand and spoke different version of events. But eventually the court ruled in favor of the prosecution based on the weight of the evidence and credible testimonies of the witnesses.

Kian did not fought back and Kian could not have attempted to shoot the police nor does he even had a gun. It was all very questionable.


Now that the smoke dust settles. We can now truly grasp the true story behind Kian’s death. That on the night August 16, 2017  PO1 Jerwin Cruz, PO3 Arnel Oares and PO1 Jeremias Pereda dragged and shot Kian multiple times while he’s on his back. He begged to spare his life as he needed to finish his homework. He begged for mercy. But it was drowned by the sound of gun as it cracks his bones and flesh open.  Can’t you imagine? Such a grim and brutal fate for a teenager like Kian De Los Santos?

A cold-blooded murder out from the hands of the authorities whom we expect to be protected and uphold our human rights?

I could not fathom such brazen and deliberate act of cruelty perpetrated by our own men in uniform.  Paid for by our own taxes. Of course normalize by pathetic Duterte Pro-EJK propaganda machine. A country soaked by too much blood of its own citizens. Those who stood in silence and shielded themselves with the cloak of neutrality as well as those who justifies and downplays these events as totally untrue or simply a figment of our imagination. Or perhaps even worst — those dismissed the killings of innocent people as some yellow-funded propaganda to undermine the Duterte administration — all has blood on their hands.

I’ve already blogged about this before and like you and everyone else. I dissent the rampant extra-judicial killings in the country. We are a nation of predominantly religious conservatives. Remember how our churches and people disliked the idea of birth-control and even same-sex marriage given that all of these things are part of our ”universal right” as human beings?

I remember back then. Many right wing groups criticized the Aquino administration for condoning such contrary liberal views with the Catholic Church. But now’s there’s only a few them speaking up. Where are they now?

Extra-judicial killings could not have continued without the efficient, brilliant and highly-effective propaganda machine dedicated to control the masses and normalize these events to be as easily acceptable and can easily be digested by most our known to be conservative country-men. If you can remember? Most of these people happy about the killings yet goes to church singing Hallelujah? — I’m utterly disgusted with these people.

And then here’s this hogwash of a lawyer – much less of a prosecutor.

Kian De Los Santos regardless if he or he is not a drug-courier. He was killed. And one of the cops admitted that he shot Kian. So Kian is killed. Plain ”extra-judicial” killings. Meaning ”extra-judicial’ or did not go through rigorous legal inquiry. Therefore, you don’t have the right to call it ”not so super innocent”.

Resulta ng larawan para sa darwin canete

PinoyAkoBlog has some really simply rebuttal on his seemingly baseless presumptions.



According to Canete :








Explanation : Sabi mo kasi may “marka” ang  waist ni Kian. You are implying na doon nilagay ang shabu. Di ko alam kung ano ang sinusuot nyo pong underwear pero pag brief po nagmamarka po talaga ng ganyan lalo na kung garterized ang short niyo po. Unless panty ang suot niyo po, walang marka.



According to Canete : Kian was not tortured nor hurt contrary to the claim of a supposed witness. There were no marks of physical abuse on the body as can be seen on the photos, too. The family did not want an autopsy to be performed.

Explanation : There was an autopsy performed on Kian’s body contrary to what Mr Canete claimed.



According to Canete : The controversial CCTV video which made the case sensational is not fake but it was not Kian on the video because the color of the t-shirt and the lower garments are not the same. The CCTV footage was also recorded an hour before the incident. It is highly probable that it is not connected to Kian’s case.

Explanation : Luh, natural ang CCTV black and white kasi gabi na at wala masyadong liwanag. Wag ka nga, fiscal ka pa naman pero palpak kung lumusot . Kung totoo na ang CCTV footage ay iba, ibig sabihin may pinatay pang iba bukod kay Kian? Aba panibagong kaso na naman yan. Mismo ang taga barangay na ang nagsabi na si Kian yun, at bumalik pa ang pulis para ipakita kunwari kung may tama sila.


According to Canete : They have Kian’s phone which contains text messages between Kian, his supplier and their clients. This will be presented if required to those who wish to hold an inquiry.

Explanation :  This, I doubt kasi kung talagang may ganito kayang ebidensya sa simula palang nilabas niyo na kasi durog na durog na kayo sa mga tao. Aug 16, namatay si Kian, tapos August 20, niyo lang nilabas to? Ikwento niyo yan sa pagong baka may maniwala.

Kahit totoong meron man sa phone o wala ang issue kung nanlaban ba si Kian, and the CCTV at ang mga testimony ng 4 na mga lumapit na witness ay magpapatunay na walang awang kinaladkad si Kian at binaril sa iskinita. 3 butas sa ulo ang binigay ng mga pulis.


Alright, to wrap it all up. Kian De Los Santos has been killed and executed on the spot by law enforcement officers. It was perfectly clear that he didn’t fought back and he doesn’t pose a chance nor as a threat to three tough, well-trained and armed police officers. Again, it is pretty obvious that he didn’t fought back. He was killed in cold-blood. And that thankfully he was afforded the due-process of the law.

Don’t believe Canete’s claim or any foolish Duterte cultists.

Kian’s soul may now rest but there are still thousands of others still craving for justice and closure to their deaths. We may not know now but hopefully this case will set in motion hundreds of thousands of EJK related suits against the authorities in the months to come.

Hopefully this will embolden the victims to stand up and take the fight to the court!

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