Filipinos watched in horror as their President kowtows with China

Resulta ng larawan para sa duterte angryMr Strongman.

As most people would like to call him. If you browse around online you can see countless number of propaganda content spewing out in social media depicting him as sort of like a dauntless warlord who seeks to unite the Philippines under his iron rule.

Most of them are ”fake” though. Which is a bit odd as most of his speeches were always ”questionable’ at best.

But the moment he assumed power. Everything came into fruition.

His administration has been in the center of many controversies such as the extra-judicial killings which butchered more than 23,000 people and left as many 18,000 orphans (enough to fill a stadium of crying, lonely and vulnerable kids).

He’s also been accused of condoning corrupt politicians and setting them free for as long as they join forces with him. You can be sure that know quite a few of them. Such as the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Estrada’s, Bong Revilla etc.

He bragged about eradicating drugs. Yet, drugs continued to proliferate in the Philippines and in fact many drug-shipments from China passed through the Bureau of Customs despite his bloated anti-drug intel budget. So where did this budget go and what he did with them? Who knows. Peter Lim is still missing.

The Jetski Man / Duterte the Exhibitionist

Rodrigo Duterte’s Turn in the South China Sea

We’ve heard this before. It was 2016 when he publicly bragged about his plans on riding a jetski and planting a Philippine flag on Chinese illegally made islands in the West Philippine Sea. Of course everyone cheered him! Who wouldn’t be so impressed? He clearly gave out a strong and plain solution to our problems in the West Philippine Sea. Don’t give up WPS. Show China that we’re a force to reckon with. It sure does makes a lot of sense right? After all. He was a ‘strong-man’? Not even Mar or anyone could have instantly promised something like that?

Of course. Thing’s started to change when he won the Presidential elections in 2016. It was July, 2016 after more than three-years of legal battle in the Permanent Arbitration Court to debunk China’s nine-dashed line and re-assert our sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea under UNCLOS. It was a landmark case won by a brilliant and dedicated solicitor general Atty. Florin Hilbay.

At that moment. Everyone wanted to hear what Duterte might say. We’re the only country who’s ever challenged China in an International court and won right? This has to make sense. Duterte can leverage from it and puts up a diplomatic pressure to ease tensions in WPS and force China out.

But what did Duterte did anyways?

You guessed right. He dismissed the Philippines’ victory in the international arbitration case and instead he campaigned on reopening direct talks with Beijing, proposed joint resource development of contested waters, and even volunteered that Chinese investment in the Philippines rail and other infrastructure projects.

Duterte offered to a ‘‘Joint Oil Exploration” in a seas within our 100% owned  Exclusive Economic Zone.

In short. Duterte is selling us out to the Chinese?

Well that mustn’t be accurate right? He must’ve been doing that with good intentions? But really? Why? Well know for a fact that China has long been accused of supporting oppressive populist dictators on countries with weak democratic institutions.

Take for example. Venezuela. A country in the Southern America. Once held by a populist dictator Hugo Chavez. and now led by Nicolas Maduro. Now in China’s crosshairs for loans and political influence. It’s been said that China might soon take full control of Venezuelas rich oil fields. But in exchange of China’s friendship. The Venezuelan dictator gets Chinese military weapons and anti-riot equipment to keep its starving citizens out of his plain sight right?

China wants Maduro to stay in power — feed them with oil. Lots and lots of oil. And in exchange. He gets loans to keep his army fed and political machinery going. It’s a selfish mutual agreement. Notwithstanding the poor Venezuelan people who suffered greatly in it. China just doesn’t care?

You see. This similar instance is slowly unfolding in the Phlippines right now. As Duterte disregards bursting high inflation and economic woes in favor of his Build Build Build plans cash-strapped with questionable high-interest Chinese loans. Duterte is willing put our national interest aside and gambled forward either to enriched himself or to keep himself in power.

It was also evident that the people does not trust China. The recent SWS polls shows that 4 out of 5 Filipinos disagree on Duterte’s inaction in the West Philippine Sea.


Sadly, the Duterte administration like the Venezuelan dictator himself. No longer cares about what his people say nor does he really cared about the long term national interest at all.

These are dark times. Where we can all just watch in horror as everything unfolds right in our eyes. Divided by many social-media propagandists who sole purpose is to pitch us against each and other. Keeping most of us distracted to engage in political discussions.

We ought to stand up. Speak up. For as long as we are divided. We can easily be conquered.

China can never be trusted. Don’t let a thief fool you!

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