Filipinos started a Winnie the Pooh Social Media Protest against Xi Jin Ping’s visit

The Philippine internet went wild. People particularly ”adults” (of course) started posting memes and illustrations of Winnie the Pooh in their respective social media accounts.

From Twitter to Facebook.You can see the cute cuddly bear in their profile pictures and posts. So it makes you wondering. Er..ugh.. What’s up? Is this some sort of misplaced Internet fad again? Or is it yet another Winnie the Pooh challenge going viral online? Nope..




China banned ‘Winnie the Pooh’ since people might find a close resemblance of him and China’s perpetual President. So Filipinos used this to show their disgust against him.




The protest also stems in lieu of President Xi Jin Ping’s visit in the Philippines to discuss about the controversial joint oil exploration project in the West Philippine Sea. Which is so far been very insulting given the fact that our recent victory in the Permanent Court of Arbitration already reaffirmed our sovereign rights under UNCLOS.

So in short. May titulo tayo sa WPS. Atin. 100%.

So what’s up now? As you know. Back in 2012. Duterte criticized Trillanes for his backchannel talks with China. But according to Aquino. Trillanes backchannel talks with China eased the tensions between two countries when the Philippine Coast Guard accidentally sunk a Chinese vessel near disputed seas.

The compromised agreement as revealed by Trillanes himself was that Chinese vessels in Scarborough shoal must withdraw and in return Philippine Coast Guard near the area will also withdraw. According to Aquino himself. Before there were more than 48 vessels in Scarborough but then Chinese vessels sailing within the area has great minimized during that time.

However that didn’t last long. China re-occupied Scarborough and this time with a much much bigger fleet. This prompted the former President Aquino to launch a historic legal battle in the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Hague to debunk China’s historic claims in the West Philippine Sea and re-affirm our sovereignty under UNCLOS.

Hilbay’s valiant fight against China in the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

Resulta ng larawan para sa hilbay pictureIn a fight against China’s incursion of the West Philippine Sea. Aquino opted for a legal battle. A battle of evidence and reason in one of the worlds most prestigious International courts in Hague, Netherlands. He knows we can’t really fight China toe-to-toe militarily. We’re too weak for that. Although, the US want’s to play big brother in our spat against China but that too is questionable given that US also committed in supporting China as its largest trade partner.

Florin Hilbay. A brilliant lawyer who topped the 1991 Bar Exams (The lowest passing rate in the history of Bar). Took the challenge and led the legal team in a fight for the Philippines sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea. It took some time though. China did not face us. But the challenge was to convince the court and consider our evidences and proofs which debunks China’s historic claims in the disputed seas.

Unfortunately, it took time. And President Aquino stepped down. Then the next President ”strong man” Duterte replaced him. Hopes were high that Duterte will make do with his promise of riding a jetski in the disputed seas and show to China his brand of politics.Resulta ng larawan para sa duterte face

Then the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling was released weeks after Duterte is feeling cozy in his new office and powers. Instead of acting on it and using International diplomatic pressure to keep China in its toes or keeping the status-quo in the West Philippine Sea dispute. Duterte suddenly turned 360 degree and went ‘full” Pro China.

Where did this issue on the West Philippine Sea started?

Good question. Exactly, what should we be asking instead of yelling ‘Dilawan’ or ‘Trililing’ or Dutertard’ etc etc. See? We’re too distracted to consume the reality and accept it without taking into consideration our personal biases.

Resulta ng larawan para sa arroyo picture smilingGlorial Macapagal Arroyo entered a deal with China under Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking (JMSU) back in 2004 which gave China exploration rights in the West Philippine Sea including shoals and rocks underneath waves which could potentially be reclaim and built as floating artificial islands.

True enough. China did kept pouring its navy assets in the West Philippine Sea. For Glorial Macapagal Arroyo’s almost 10 year reign. Left unchecked. China had gained a foothold in the West Philippine Sea.


To make this all clear.  I’ll quickly summarize this by points.

  1. Gloria sold the West Philippine Sea.
  2.  Aquino tried to undo what Gloria did
  3. Aquino almost succeeded in PCA ruling
  4. Duterte overturned and disregarded PCA ruling
  5. Duterte re-affirmed selling the West Philippine Sea


And so it seems. you should now know our traitors. Put up the Winnie the Pooh picture on your Facebook and Twitter account. Show that you protest against Xi Jin Ping’s visit. Show them that we Filipinos’ won’t let this come by easily.




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