Cebu’s streets flooded in blood. Cops butchered an innocent govt scholar.

I could no longer fathom the seemingly endless justification of Duterte’s flawed ‘Extra-Judicial’ killings. Of course, I know, because the moment he ran for office back in 2016. He promised to eradicate drugs and criminality in one swift blow under the guise of ‘Oplan Tokhang’ which should prove to be successful in only three to six months.

Many were in awe when thousands of drug-surrenderees flocked towards nearby rehab centers to be rehabilitated. Even Duterte himself built a large drug-rehab facility for all the drug-surendeerees.

Resulta ng larawan para sa ejk philippines


Resulta ng larawan para sa mega drug rehab

Much to everyone’s disappointment. Or little did anyone know. The Mega drug rehab centered supposedly built by Chinese firms were all but a complete waste. As it is not being utilized to full capacity. Albeit the large influx of drug-surrenderees continuously being bragged by Pro Duterte online propagandists.

If Duterte really was serious about drug rehabilitation then he would have used the facility to help rehabilitate the drug-surrenderees. Was it really all for show? Even he himself admitted that only a few numbers of drug-surrenderees were being rehabilitated in the mega-facility.

More and more drug-shipments slipped past Bureau of Customs.

Under the Duterte administration, we have seen surprisingly large shipments of drugs from China slipping past stiff security and even Duterte’s son was linked to Chinese drug-cartels at the height of Duterte’s War on Drugs by no less than the dauntless opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes himself.


So if drugs continues to exist and worsens under the Duterte administration. Then what is this Anti Drug war for again? A sham? Or just an alibi to execute and liquidate rival drug-syndicates and monopolize drug-trade in the country.

Darkness engulfs Cebu.

Cebu like Davao City is home to millions of Cebuano speaking people who were very supportive of Duterte during his 2016 campaign. They put their faith in him that he can eradicate drugs and criminality within 3 to 6 months. Especially, the fact that Duterte’s ancestors could be traced back in Cebu and his last name was known to Cebuanos even as far back as the 80’s. The ‘Duterte’s were already a common household name in Cebu even before Duterte ran for office.

But unlike Davao City. The political landscape of Cebu was far from different as it’s not being ruled by the same family in a series of consecutive offices. The Duterte’s ruled Davao for decades and Cebu was ruled by many different mayors in different terms which the Cebuano’s continues to exercise their independent voting powers with no particular preference to a ruling dynasty.

Cebu is home to one of the worlds most diverse, talented and hardworking people. Large business-outsourcing companies operate here by choice — simply because we have a lot to offer to the world than anywhere else in the Philippines most particularly in the south. And I can attest to the fact that I grew up in Cebu City and the streets of Cebu have always been fun and safer than any city in the Visayas.

You can take that from my personal experience.

Cebu City awarded as the best ‘Anti Drug Police Unit’ in the country.

Just this year around the founding anniversary of the Philippine National Police – Drug Enforcement Group. Cebu City cops received a prestigious award from the Police Director Oscar Albayalde himself.

Under the leadership of the police chief Director Joel Doria.

Based on records, the CDEU- City Intelligence Branch (CIB) alone, a 10-man unit of CCPO led by Supt. Christopher Navida managed to conduct 349 operations from July 2016 until May 2018.

These operations led to the arrest of 524 persons with up to 18,225 grams of shabu worth P188,205,922 seized.

This is more than half of the amount of drugs confiscated by the whole CCPO force which recorded 4,041 operations; 6,541 arrests, and 30,472 grams of shabu worth P350,543,204 seized.

But what went wrong?

After Director Joel Doria left his pose and got promoted to an even higher position in Camp Crame. A female police officer replaced him. Her name is  Senior Supt. Royina Garma.

The moment she assumed office. Cebu’s streets starts going dark. Weeks after she heads Cebu’s prestigious police unit. Many Cebuano’s were executed by masked men Hundreds lay dead as Cebu’s new chief of police powerless to stop extra-judicial killings.

Resulta ng larawan para sa cebu ejk stray

Garma’s reply to this sudden surge of extra-judicial killings was unremorseful. Lack of empathy. She called the operations necessary and that any loss of lives is an ultimate sacrifice for the success of the mission. Even blurting out senseless troll-argument that the police were merely defending themselves?!

Of course, we never known who was behind all the killings. But then suddenly July this year. An ex-Brgy captain was ambushed by masked men on motorcycle. Fortunately, the bodyguard returned fire and shot the assailant.

One of the assailants killed is identified as PO3 Eugene Alcain Calumba.

Active duty policeman shot while allegedly attempting to ambush an ex-brgy captain.

Here’s yet another proof that the police really is behind all the killings. And even the newly appointed police chief herself defended the wounded policeman who tried to ambush an ex-brgy captain saying that he was merely doing a routine ‘surveillance’ mission and was shot first by the ex-brgy bodyguard. Pfftt. Will anyone with enough set of brain cells buys that argument?!

Then next, a PDEA agent was shot in Carcar by men on motorcycles. Apparently, he was able to shoot back at his assailants — eventually wounding one of them.

Mayor Tomas Osmena revealed that the man on motorcycle who shot the PDEA agent eventually died in a hospital in Cebu City, which is about 40 kilometers from the southern city of Carcar where Tecson was ambushed and killed.

PNP Visayas was sought to comment only downplayed this as ‘he died due to accidentally firing his weapon’.

Did he just ‘fired his weapon TWICE’ on himself

and called it ‘accident’?!

Killings and wholesale slaughter of Cebuanos have made Cebu City — The Criminal City of the South. — Osmena

These are dark times to be a Cebuano. I would not discount the possibility that this won’t go well for us in the long term.

And it did.

Another set of extra-judicial killings echoed throughout Cebu and claimed the lives of many Cebuanos. One most notably is the life of an innocent Govt scholar. Christopher Tangag.

He is a  devoted father to his nine-month old son, known in his Cebu neighborhood as a good man, and a conscientious provider to his young family. He juggled many jobs: call center agent six hours a day, a sideline selling peanut butter with his wife, and habal-habal driver. Boyet had the potential to succeed, had he not? After all, he was well-educated, too, having been a government scholar that allowed him to earn his bachelor’s degree.

However, Boyet will forever be 23 years old because on October 5, 2018, Boyet was brutally killed in an ambush that included four other men.

Two survived. Some of the men in that ambush had been associated with drugs – but not Boyet. While they were being riddled with gunfire, Boyet was heard pleading for help but gunshots drowned his voice.

Where  will this lead us? Cebu known to be a peaceful and orderly place descended to chaos and death squads roams every corner of the streets. All of this happened after which the police leadership has been replaced by Duterte’s favored persons.

Ask me. I don’t know. But for sure I hope our prayers will eventually washed away the blood that stained our streets. And I hope that conscience will flood minds of their killers.

If you must speak against the killings. Speak now.  For if you be so unfortunate as victimised by extra-judicial killings then who will speak for you? Who will demand you justice?

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