PH representative? Netizens Fake News Queen in UN Assembly!

I kid you not. When I saw  Mocha’s latest photo with her sitting on the prestigious New York UN Assembly as if she’s a state representative for the Philippines. I puked hard. Come on?

I don’t think this is really part of her job as PCOO? And I mean. She isn’t even fit to be PCOO to begin with — for all her stupid blunders and crappy posts. She’d better resign and give her position to someone else that’s more deserving of it.

Mocha Uson – Wikipedia’s dubbed as Queen of Fake News.

There’s a growing list of fake news articles shared by Mocha Uson on her Facebook Page reaching millions of Filipinos and eventually shaping their political biases. She’s been known to dubbed all of her critics as ‘Dilawans’ and encrouages her followers to threaten and attack them.

  • A Facebook post calling for prayers for Filipino soldiers, accompanied by a photo of praying Honduran forces.[53] In her defense, Uson contended that she never claimed that the photo was that of members of the Philippine Army, and that the photo was only used as a visual aid or “symbolism”.[54]
  • Uson posting a news report praising the DSWD under the Duterte Administration’s system for packing 50,000 relief goods commenting “That’s how much the Duterte Administration values the ordinary Filipino.” In fact, the news report was published on Oct. 1, 2015, before Duterte became president.[11]
  • Sharing the photo of a dead girl who was supposedly raped and murdered by Filipino drug addicts and asking why there was no outrage from the Commission on Human Rights. The photo was in fact from an incident in Brazil dated 2014. Uson later took down her post.[55][56][53][11]
  • Attacking the administration and students of St. Scholastica’s College for committing “child abuse” in forcing the young students to attend anti-Ferdinand Marcos burial rallies.[53] This turned out to be false as attendance by the students at the rallies were purely voluntary and done with the permission of their parents.[57][11]
  • Sharing an article about a decorated policeman who was slain by drug dealers and challenging Vice President Leni Robredo, senators Bam AquinoAntonio Trillanes, and Risa Hontiveros about when they would visit the wake.[53] It turns out that the article was printed a year before,[58] making it impossible for the Vice President and Senators to attend the wake or funeral.[59]
  • In a commentary about the tax evasion case against the tobacco company Mighty Corp, she cited the 263rd article of the Philippine Constitution. A netizen pointed out that the Philippine Constitution only has 18 articles.[53][11]
  • On October 23, 2017, after Marawi was declared “liberated” following the deaths of Maute and Hapilon, Uson posted an image of clean city streets, claiming that Duterte’s government moved really fast and that “22 barangays were already cleaned”. It turns out that the photo was from May 25, 2017 – just the third day of the Marawi siege.[60]
  • In November 2017 on the day after the ASEAN summit came to a close, Uson shared a post by RJ Nieto misquoting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as saying “…Theoretically, it is impossible to get (the garbage) back… even if it originally came from Canada” in reference to trash shipped to the Philippines from Canada. In fact, Trudeau’s actual quote was “Even though it originally came from Canada, we had legal barriers and restrictions that prevented us from being able to take it back. Those regulations and those impediments have now been addressed, so it is now theoretically possible to get it back.”, which is the complete opposite of what Uson and Nieto shared.[61][62]
  • In January 2018, Uson lashed back at critics over the award for government service she received from the University of Santo Tomas Alumni Association,[63] stating that the controversy was being used to cover up the issues over Dengvaxia in the Philippines, former Senator Franklin Drilon‘s receiving of funds from Janet Lim-Napoles and “most importantly”, the continuing erruption of Mayon Volcano in Naga, Camarines Sur. However, Mayon Volcano is located in Albay Province in the Bicol Region. Netizens[64] and celebrities[65] reacted on Social Media[66] on Uson’s gaffe, flooding the Internet with memes[67] over Uson’s ignorance. Uson later apologized for her “tiny mistake”, but continued to accuse critics of silence over the issues of Dengvaxia and the death of UST law student Atio Castillo from a fraternity hazing. The latter claim was also false as Castillo’s death had drawn public outrage, rallies, and resurrected calls for stricter anti-hazing laws in the Philippines.[68]

Not mention her latest video mocking persons with disabilities.

Though she then apologized about the incident. But many persons with disabilities finds this very degrading and discriminatory. And I think we can accept apologies — but they need to be accountable for their actions. Something that really isn’t going to happen anyway under the Duterte administration.

PCOO expenses up by 700%: Spending increased in travels, rentals, internet.

Just this July, 2018. Commission on Audit released a statement that the same agency with which Mocha Uson has been part of is being investigated with careless and questionable expenses amounting to 1.3 billion pesos compared to 157 million pesos spent last year.

Mocha skipped budget deliberations September, 2018. (2nd time)

Mocha Uson did not attend the budget deliberations for PCOO which was noticed by some opposition lawmakers.

ACT Teachers Party-list Rep. France Castro wanted Uson to respond to questions about controversies that involved her, the latest of which was for allegedly mocking the use of the sign language.

“Kapansin-pansin na wala dito yung presence ni Asec. Mocha Uson,” noted Castro  as she intend to ask her several questions pertaining to her massively inflated budget.

So let me get this straight. Mocha’s agency get’s a huge pie for the people’s taxes yet she seems to be evading to answer critical questions regarding how all of these inflated budget be spent and why? Shouldn’t it be right that we citizens who consistently paid our taxes be more aware of where Mocha and her gang is spending of all this massive budget on?

Mocha Uson should attend the budget deliberations next time. Answer all the questions. Stop evading.

Is Mocha afraid to self discri-incinerate herself again? We’ll know for sure.

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